How do I configure a buy plan?

You can add a new buy plan by clicking the plus symbol under Plans. You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Base Currency: The crypto currency to buy
  • Quote Currency: The fiat currency to spend
  • Amount to Spend: How much fiat currency should be spent with each order
  • Buy Time: The time (in UTC) at which to place the order
  • Weekdays: Which weekdays the order should be placed
  • Max Price (optional): The maximum price at which to buy

Note: The website places the necessary orders every half hour. Your chosen buy time must therefore be either HH:00 or HH:30 for any hour HH.

Note: Your chosen amount to spend must be at least 5.00 regardless of quote currency. You can circumvent minimum order volumes by raising the amount to spend and lowering the frequency of orders.